• Schools & Universities

    Vend4Kids, a Sydney based vending company makes sure that students get a quick healthy drink or nutritious snack between classes to keep their mind and body working efficiently throughout the day.

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  • Hospitals & Medical Centres

    Vending Machines at hospitals or medical centres are a welcome sight for your patients whilst they are in the waiting room and need something to boost their hydration or drive away those hunger pains. Perfect thirst quencher and appetite soother!
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  • Gym & Fitness Centres

    Having a Vending drink machine or snack machine in your gym is a perfect fit with all that physical activity. Musashi, Gatorade, Red Bull, V and Mount Franklin etc .... Vend4Kids can provide these products in vending machines at your gymnasium.
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  • Workplace

    Don’t fight the crowd at the local take-away ....pay less for your ice cold beverage or delicious healthy snacks and relax in your break rather than stand in a queue and waste precious time.

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Vend4Kids - Sydney's Leading Vending Machine Company.

Vend4kids' is a name which stands out among Sydney vending machine companies because we are different. We are proud to be recognised for our excellent service and the wide range of reputable brands we offer for you to choose from.

Our dedication in bringing you the option of healthy low GI and calorie free products to your workplace, school, university or gym is second to none. However, what makes us truly different is our CARE factor - we care for kids and we care for you.

Part of the revenue from each drink vended goes to the Sydney Special Children's Foundation to help disabled and disadvantaged kids. Yes, 'Vend4kids' is one of those few commercial organisations in Australia that care for the community through the promotion of good health and giving to help kids with special needs. Not only do you feel refreshed when you buy from a Vend4Kids machine you feel good also!!!

'Vend4kids' sets new standards in customer and community care - help us to help them.....have a drink for Sydney's Special Children today.
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Every Purchase helps the Sydney Kids Foundation

Vend4Kids can customise any vending machine to suit your workplace needs. We have a great range of healthy snacks, drinks, sports drinks and traditional softdrinks to choose from.

We can design a vending machine product package at no cost to you. Our representatives will stock your machines to meet your needs by offering everything from a healthy choice menu through to your traditional favourites. We even have a dedicated weight loss counsellor on staff who can work with you to get the balance just right. We don't just simply fill the vending machines with drinks and snacks.... repeating the same products over and over week in week out ....our representatives constantly monitor your evolving choices and needs.

At Vend4Kids, we understand that one size does not fit all. We know different products meet the requirements of different people .... this is what choice is all about and why we continually outperform the offerings in machines which are tied to one product or single brand manufacturer.

Our machine re-fillers are friendly and accommodating plus they deliver fast and efficient service backed up by vending machines that are reliable and economical.

Vend4Kids, is Sydney's preferred vending machine company because it offers so much more than its competitors - whether your business is big or small Vend4Kids will provide you with a new level of personalised service coupled with an unbeatable care factor.

The modern vending machines we provide are not very bulky and do not occupy a lot of space. Just one square meter of floor area will allow us to install a machine and start helping a special child today. Our vending machines are easy to use, reliable and specially selected to be appropriate for your needs....we back this with 24hr service to ensure they are clean, filled and working in all types of business premises including hotels, hospitals, airports and customer service organisations which operate round the clock.


Vend4Kids vending machines are also ideal for schools, gymnasiums as well as stadiums throughout Sydney. At the drop of coin, you get your chosen ice cold drink or delicious snack. Remember supporting Vend4Kid's is good for you and good for them!

We can offer the traffic light system of colour coding the health rating of drinks and snacks and we comply with NSW Government guidelines for vending in schools.
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Sydney's Special Childrens Foundation

Vend4Kids is a major sponsor of Sydney's Special Children's Foundation

'Vend4Kids' is a major sponsor of the Sydney Special Children's Foundation. As the name 'Vend4Kids' implies when you buy a drink each '”vend” allows us to contribute money to help a child who may be disabled or disadvantaged. Part of the price that you pay for your drinks from 'Vend4Kids' vending machines situated throughout Sydney goes the Sydney Special Children’s Foundation, in aid of supporting children with these special needs.  read more

Care is at the core of our offer to you.

The special attention we give your machine ensures consistent product delivery every time and our excellent customer service ensures that your machine gets re-filled at the right time.

Join with Vend4Kids, Sydney's preferred coin operated vending machine company, in making the coffee breaks for your staff more convenient and satisfying. Within minutes, they will enjoy a delicious snack to nibble on with their a cup of coffee or favourite beverage. The vending drink machines from 'Vend4Kids' dramatically increase your options for a quick ice cold drink during office breaks. Your machine is not tied to one manufacturer giving you a much wider range of choice – choose from the traditional to the ultra healthy in the extensive menu.

When you use’Vend4Kids' vending machines, you also get free service, installation, refilling and customer support. You will be pleased to know that on the rare occasion you require a service call the majority are resolved within 24 hours or less. Better still if your business is pursuing all round Lifestyle changes for your staff we give you the unique opportunity to have our in-house weight-loss counsellor and fitness consultant help you choose the most appropriate selections from our menu to ensure your staff enjoy all the benefits healthy vending has to offer.

If you care for children with special needs and care for your staff and customers call the company that cares for you by providing only the best drink and snack products available. 'Vend4Kids' is ideal choice for you. Call now 02 9620 4031 for an obligation free consultation.

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